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The Kinsmen Club of Coaldale's mandate is to support our community's greatest need. We provide support for many groups, service providers, events and projects that benefit our town. If you have a request for funding that fits into our mandate, we welcome you to put in a request for consideration.

To make such a request, please contact us using the form below with as much detail as possible and someone will get back to you shortly. If applicable you can attach up to 2 files to support your request.

If we feel your request fits our mandate we will ask you to make a presentation in person at one of our general meetings which are held typically every 2nd Thursday. Presentations by delegations are made early in the meeting. Later in the meeting our members will have discussions on what was presented and make a decision to approve, deny, or depending on the size of the request make a notice of motion to make a decision on the next general meeting.

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